BCSD Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these Frequently Asked Questions regarding athletics programs at BCSD schools.

Q: What if my middle school child wants to participate in athletics?
A: Middle school students who live within the BCSD attendance zone are permitted to participate on allowable high school sports teams at the school for which they are assigned to attend.

Q: Are there any age requirements for eligibility?
A: Yes, there is a maximum age requirement for participation on high school teams. A Student that becomes 19 years of age prior to July 1 of the current school year will not be eligible to compete on any high school teams during that school year.

Q: While in middle school, does a transfer from one middle school to another within the district affect my child’s athletic eligibility?
A: Athletic eligibility for students in grades 7 & 8 is determined by zoned high school in which the middle school feeds into. If a student transfers to a middle school in another feeder pattern, the student must participate with the zoned school.

Q: If my child plays on a sports team(s) at his or her zoned high school while in middle school and then attends another high school within our district through one of the district’s choice options as a 9th grader, will my child be eligible to play immediately?
A: Yes, provided the student was academically promoted and his/her family lives within the school district.

Q: Are rising 9th graders (current 8th graders) allowed to participate in spring practice/activities held at the high schools once they have been accepted for a choice option and registered with the school?
A: Yes. However, if the student participates in an athletic activity (cheerleading tryouts, spring practice, weight-lifting, summer workouts, summer team camps, etc.) and is added to the eligibility roster for the school, one (1) calendar year of athletic eligibility will be lost if he/she changes schools without a bonafide change of residence.

Q: While in high school, does a transfer from one high school to another within the district affect my child’s athletic eligibility?
A: It may affect your child’s high school eligibility. Generally, a transfer of schools after a student enters the 9th grade that does not involve a bonafide change of residence as defined by the South Carolina High School League would result in the student being ineligible to participate on any high school sports team(s) that has intra-scholastic competition for one (1) calendar year.

Q: Does Berkeley County School District offer middle school sports?
A: BCSD does not offer middle school sports. However, middle school students are eligible to participate in High School League sanctioned athletics as authorized in the by-laws.

Q: What if my child wants to play a sport not offered at their zoned school?
A: In the event a sport is not offered the student’s zoned school, the student will be eligible to participate with a neighboring school pending the approval of the administration at both schools.